Towel symbols with company logo are the ideal choice for you. There is the possibility to make larger logo than embroidery. It is a more affordable logo processing method in large sizes.

The 50×90 cm towel is 48 cm wide and 5 cm high. A few colored text, your original company logo, slogan or any pattern can be embroidered in this section. It was set up as an oversized towel and a small size towel.

Promotion towel production and prices are waiting for us. Ask for sample production in smaller quantities.

Towel SizeProduct NameTowel ColorMin. ProductionProduction Time
30×50 cmKitchen Towel, Bar Towel1 Color2700 unit / 1 color20 days
40×40 cmHand Towel, Golf Towel1 Color2500 unit / 1 color20 days
40×60 cmHand Towel, Golf Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel1 Color1700 unit / 1 color20 days
50×70 cmFoot Towel, Bath Math1 Color1150 unit / 1 color20 days
50×90 cmHand Towel, Spor Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel1 Color900 unit / 1 color20 days
50×100 cmHand Towel, Spor Towel1 Color810 unit / 1 color20 days
60×100 cmHand Towel, Spor Towel1 Color675 unit / 1 color20 days
70×140 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel1 Color415 unit / 1 color20 days
75×150 cmBeach Towel, Bath Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel1 Color360 unit / 1 color20 days
90×150 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel1 Color300 unit / 1 color20 days
100×150 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel1 Color270 unit / 1 color20 days
100×180 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel1 Color225 unit / 1 color20 days
  • Prepared for towel with a density of 400 g / m2.