Full-length colored towels with logo and pattern. The colors on the front face change in the back. Towels with blue stripes and yellow stripes are standard dyed towels. First the yarn is dyed and then the yarn is processed. Prices are expensive compared to top paint towels. Small number of operations cannot be performed in production.

Towel SizeProduct NameTowel ColorMin. ProductionProduction Time
30x30 cmKitchen Towel, Bar Towel2 Color12350 unit35 days
30x50 cmKitchen Towel, Bar Towel2 Color7400 unit35 days
40x40 cmHand Towel, Golf Towel2 Color6950 unit35 days
40x60 cmHand Towel, Golf Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel2 Color4630 unit35 days
50x70 cmFoot Towel, Bath Math2 Color3175 unit35 days
50x90 cmHand Towel, Spor Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel2 Color2470 unit35 days
50x100 cmHand Towel, Spor Towel2 Color2220 unit35 days
60x100 cmHand Towel, Spor Towel2 Color1850 unit35 days
70x140 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel2 Color1130 unit35 days
75x150 cmBeach Towel, Bath Towel, Spa Towel, Sauna Towel, Hammam Towel2 Color990 unit35 days
90x150 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel2 Color820 unit35 days
100x150 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel2 Color740 unit35 days
100x180 cmBath Towel, Beach Towel2 Color615 unit35 days
  • 400 gr/m2 yoğunluk için hazırlanmıştır.
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